• Broken Galaxy - alpha 2

    Well, it took a while, but finally alpha 2 of Broken Galaxy is ready and available! [...]

  • Made with Duality #2 - Thunderball

    Second episode of Made with Duality! This time, get ready for some shocking action… [...]

  • Made with Duality #1 - Moon Dragon

    In Made with Duality I will try to display a number of things that can be done quickly and without significant programming effort with Duality (and the help of some of my other plugins - yay! advertise! :D) [...]

  • Shooting stuff in Duality - aka timed events

    Again a quick and dirty tutorial about how to make a game object face the mouse, and shoot bullets and show a muzzle flash as timed events, without using timers or threads. Just download the sample project (to be extracted inside a vanilla Duality project) here .

  • Broken Galaxy - devlog 1

    Time for a quick overview of the improvements made in the last couple of weeks to Broken Galaxy after the release of Alpha 1.

  • Adding shaders to Duality

    Nothing special to say.. just a quick, dirty example of how to add shaders to Duality.
    Just download the sample project (to be extracted inside a vanilla Duality project) here .

  • Broken Galaxy - alpha 1

    And now, ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present the release of alpha 1 of Broken Galaxy! [...]

  • A basic loading screen in Duality

    One thing I find extremely useful given Duality’s ContentProvider’s loading mechanism (only load what you need when you need it) is to have a separate loading screen in order to preload all the necessary resources before they are actually needed in a Scene, thus avoiding that small-but-sometimes-noticeable stuttering in the gameplay. [...]

  • Hurt me plenty

    Finally we are ready for the third and final part of the Breakout tutorial series.

    As I said at the end of the last part, this time we will complete the tutorial by introducing Bricks, scoring and end game conditions, so let’s start with Bricks. [...]

  • Bouncing balls

    Time for the second part of the Breakout tutorial. Unfortunately it took longer than expected due to some issues I found while trying to realize the correct movements of the Ball; now it should be sufficiently similar to the original that I feel confident to publish this second part :D

    After part 1 we left our Ball bouncing higher and higher on the Paddle, without end; the first thing we will do today is to create a playing field to constrain the Ball’s movements. [...]

  • Breakout

    All right, this is my first tutorial series, so be nice :D

    In this tutorial I will try to develop al simple clone of Breakout using Duality. Being a quite simple game concept, it shouldn’t be too difficult to implement, at least at a basic level. [...]