In Made with Duality I will try to display a number of things that can be done quickly and without significant programming effort with Duality (and the help of some of my other plugins - yay! advertise! :D)

Moon Dragon

So, this first piece I creatively called “Moon Dragon” is basically a single screen which I believe that, with some extra polishing and GameObjects, could become something like a main menu or loading/intro screen for a fantasy game.

It basically consists of 3 SpriteRenderers: one for the sky, one for the moon and one for the dragon.

In addition to that, and the background music, there are 2 volumetric Frozen FX Particle Emitters: one for the dark clouds in the foreground (you can see that some appear in front of the dragon, and some behind), and another off-screen that spawns meteors in the night sky (again, it’s FXArea is set so that some spawn between the moon and the dragon, and some are behind them).

One thing of note is that the Particle Emitter I used for the meteors uses a new parameterthat makes it so that particles are spawned facing along their movement vector. This version of Frozen FX is not yet available on nuGet, but if you grab the dll from the project, you can use it ;)

All the art assets are NOT done by me and, honestly, I did nothing more than put the scene together (and create the Frozen Core plugin series, which is another story :D). To put it all together I took something like a couple of hours, and I spent 90% of that time editing and playing around with the images and music.

There is nothing much to say, really.. just download it here and see what happens :) Oh, the ProfileRenderer is enabled, so you can use F2, F3 and F4 to see some details about what’s happening with Duality while the scene is playing. Enjoy!


Here the full list of the assets used:

Sky texture Night Sky wallpaper @7Themes
Dragon silhouette Kirsa Silhouette by Derelict-technica
Moon texture Pale Moon logo @Wikimedia
Meteor texture meteorit by morsprinstock @Deviantart
Background music Castle of Despair by EricMatyas’ SoundImage

I also apologize that I cannot properly credit the creator of the smoke/cloud texture.. I downloaded it a loooong time ago and I forgot to categorize it appropriately.

And yes, it’s a dragon, it has 4 limbs + wings :D

Final words

Well, that should be all. If you have questions, comments, or simply would like the full Scene project, just leave me a message in the Contact section, or drop a line in the MWD’s topic on Duality’s forums.

See ya next time!