Aaah, the dreaded ‘about’ page… What could I write? Why are you here? Are you really that interested in me?

About me

Well, I guess the least I could say is that, as you already probably guessed, I am somewhat of a computer and gaming geek (is that the right term? I always get so confused on what is considered geeky and not nowadays).

I began my first steps in the IT world when I was 5 and my father took a wonderful Spectrum ZX home.. after that I saw the glorious days of the Commodore - we had a VIC20, a C64 and an Amiga 500 -, the rise of PCs - starting from the 286 up until today -, and the advent of consoles.

Despite all these changes, the one thing constant in all these years, were the videogames. From the first text-based adventures that I couldn’t play because I didn’t know english, to the last-gen polygon-crunching monstrosity. They were not only a toy or a diversion, but a window to wonderful worlds that I could only imagine. This was the reason I started and kept on studying about programming and computer science.

Nowadays I am a full time software developer that in his spare time, when not gaming, fires up an IDE and tries to recreate (for what’s possible) the magic of those worlds made only with a bunch of pixels and a few beep-boop from the speakers.

Here I will try to recount my (hopefully) many adventures in the land of game design and development, and to explain whenever possible the skills I acquire in my journey.

Oh, and I didn’t tell you my name yet.. I’m Alessandro.. nice to meet you!

About Snowy Peak Studio

For now, it’s nothing more than name I chose to use for my make-believe game development endeavor. In the future, who knows what it will become?