Time for a quick overview of the improvements made in the last couple of weeks to Broken Galaxy after the release of Alpha 1.

In this first picture, you can see the new System panel, which now includes a name and a description for the star, names, type, size, pictures and icons for each planet in the Star system, and buttons such as Colonize, Terraform, and an array of Building slots that, as well as Terraform, still have to be implemented in functionality.

In addition, on the top of the panel you now have a status bar that will include useful informations throughout the game, but for the moment only includes the Menu button (not working) and the Game speed controls (those are operational :D).

This second picture shows two AIs battling each other.. unfortunately they are still too stupid and will just try to steal the same systems over and over and simply ignore you, until you conquered all the rest of the sector and it’s too late to stop you.. I will get to that after the rest of the game is in a better state.
Also, in the status bar, you can see Credits and Tech points are now being counted.

Finally, we now have a game-over overlay with buttons to Restart the map (useful especially if you lose), generate a New map or simply go Back to the menu (although it would just quit now)

Well, that’s all for now.. stay tuned :D